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Aloha, I had p320 x5 if I purchase full size grip funnel, are my magazines will fit for this? I don't have magazine pad
Is the sig P320-x5-9-10 mass compliant

Shipping Questions

Hello I take from this product, you are sending a turkey?

Product Specifications Questions

How does MOTAC work? My Romeo5 doesn't seem to turn off like it should.
I just received my Romeo5 and it doesn't seem to work. What should I do?
It there a mounting adaptor that fits a Sig P226 .22 with factory adjustableiron sights?
Is this hat adjustable?
Does this item (SOR11005) fit a legion P229 and a P229 ELITE?
What mags are included? 10, 10 with pinky ext, and or 12 rnd mag? What are the two extra that are included as well?
It looks like your description is backwards."This is a new OEM Sig Sauer P250/P320 17-Round 9mm magazine with X-Grip Adapter. By sliding off the X-Grip adapter this magazine will also fit onto a Full Size P250 or P320"This reads like its a compact magazine that you adapt to fit into a full size, but isn't it a full sized magazine that you can use the adapter to fit into a compact frame?
Are these Sig Sauer factory magazines and designed for use with m11-a1 and p229 Legion? Do you know whether the OEM manufacturer for those in stock is Mec-Gar (made in Italy) or Checkmate (no made in marking)?
What handguard length for this mcx virtus 6.75 barrel? Thanks
Is this a Gen 1 or 2 barrel?
Is this a Gen 1 or 2 barrel?
Is this Gen 1 or 2 MPX?
is this [set] of 3 springs?
Are you going to get more 9mm exchange kits for the p250c?
I see different stock for 226 Elite, so something is different between the standard 226 and the 226 Elite. I just got a 226 "Select". DOES either kit work on the "Select" P226?
Hello,Is the bolt carrier with the SIG 516 Gen 2 10" upper Full aotu or Semi auto profile?
Will you carry the tapered versions of these barrels, considering they are discontinued (at least as far as I know)
If this barrel comes back in stock what do I need in order to make my Gen 1 MCX work with this barrel? I currently have a 5.56 barrel that came with it. This is the non-tapered version.
I would like to purchase the Sig P226 Rx Legion slide assembly. Is this available with a 10 round magazine instead of 15 round? Thank you
Is it possible to get this in 10 round/or no mags at all and shipped to CA? Thanks
I’m trying to make sure it fits the p250 40 caliber compact before I buy
how do you extend the stock and remove the mag holder?
Is this a Satin Nickel Barrel ???
Will this grip module work with the full size p320 slide or only with the X5 slide?
Does this product qualify for Sig’s LE/MIL discount program?
Would like to purchase Sig army release as soon as available. I can send deposit if. You wish..
Can I use this P226 .357 x-change conversion kit on my P226 9mm?
M17 commemorative how do I make sure I get one? Can I get the case from you also. I'm a sig fan boy please help. Can I put a deposit down. Thank you
I'm interested in buying a M17 asap. Did I miss my chance since I see that they are sold out? Or when can I reserve one?
1) Does this kit include a 12rd mag. NJ limits capacity to 10rd , unless LE. 2) I would like to get grip module in FDE ,is that possible?
If I purchase this pistol 320F-45-BSS, would it be possible for you to send me one with small grip module? I believe they come with medium grip module, but it's too large for me.
Will you be carrying additional FDE 21 rd mags for the M17 commemorative?
This spring is compatible with p250 380 acp in compact carry grip
Is this made in Italy or the USA?
Will this be offered with an option for 10rd magazines?
Do you charge credit card fees? And does this model have the same grips that shown in the photo I know that SIG has changed their grips on that pistol
Is this model California accepted?
is this salient arms receiver set available
Is this new in the box?
Can you sell this weapon under the Armed Professional Program?
I live in Maryland my ffl will accept the firearm but he won’t give me the mags they ship them to Va.
Any chance you can get another one of these. If so please let me know. I'll make arrangements.
This grip shell has the old style
Hello,I would like to pre-order the M17 Commemorative. I’m unable to reach your business by phone.
What are the steps to Pre-Order the M17 Commemorative edition pistol?
Hi, I saw you did a wait list for the commemorative M17, are you doing a wait list for the commercial version?
i would like to buy this item but live in Turkey! Can you shipping it to abroad?
can you swap barrels on this one ?
Can you tell me the manufacture date of these pistols (P365)?
Do you know when you will get the Sig P226 RX X-change Kit back in?Also, I am not exempt, so can you take out the magazine, block it, or swap with a ten round magazine and ship to California?
Is the pistol grip as shown or is it the longer straight magpul?
Is this the Gen 2 P365 version that got the reliability issues fixed?
is this pistol (P365) new ''july'' manufacture date , shows free shipping also ?
How do I find out the model number of my desert eagle 44? Is it on the gun anywhere
Do you have an ETA on this item (B&T telescoping brace BT-20517)?
Is the Sig P250 Sub Compact 357 Barrel available for backorder?
What sight height number is this rear night site for sig p250 you have posted
Which 1911 frames will this fit?
Considering converting my Sig P320 full size RX to a carry gun, could you tell me what i need to make this happen? Thanks
Hello, I see the Sig P365 in-stock/available on your regular site, but it says out of stock for L/E purchases? Am I able to receive L/E pricing from the regular website?
What is the difference between Romeo 4S and 4T?
Does this kit come with a bcg?
Is this a 2015 model? And is this DA/SA? Thank You
Is this sight compatible with the MPX?
I just wanted to make sure on the APC223 16.5" BBL, because of the length a regular folding stock may be used and no brace is required?
Will this be available for pre-order?
1) I assume this is SA/DA since it isn't listed as SAO?2) Do you ship to NYS (FFL)? Thanks
Good afternoon,I'm an active duty military member currently stationed in California. For me to order this exact item (300blk MCX patrol w/ 16 inch barrel) would yoyy be willing to accommodate the conversation to California laws if I can find an FFL Willinng o do a transfer.
I have a p226 scorpion model with the loaded chamber indicator on the slide which seems to be preventing me from getting an optic cut. If I purchase this slide can I get it the same desert tan color as my scorpion? Thank you for your time.
Is this barrel threaded?
Is this a factory built pistol?
Is there a projected date or timeframe that this will be available again?
Do you still have these in stock?
Just to make sure, this is Large Rear Sight ( not Medium or Small)?
Is this compatible with the unupgraded p320 fire control group?
when will you be getting more of the p238 owb holsters
Hi,I can't find any info on this version of the Marauder online. Can you tell me the differences between this version and the regular version? I see it has a stippled grip and slide cuts. Anything else?
Will this work with the P226 9mm Legion SAO? Or is it better to have my gun milled to add a Romeo 1 and suppressor height XRAY sights?
Hi, I have a few questions on this item. Is this the same as the one Sig sells? Why isn’t the spring red like Sig’s? Do these conversion kits have to be shipped to an FFL dealer or can they ship directly to home?
when do you think you will get the p238 r/h belt clip holster back in stock? thanks
Will this tall suppressor night sights fit on a P320 X-Carry
Can I get a threaded barrel for my p320 compact 45acp